Student comments

 “I have my best memory here in Worcester. I met two lovely teachers who are Michael and Fernanda. They taught me a lot of knowledge about England and accompanied us to those historical monuments. I will never forget the days in Worcester” – Student from Hong Kong

“I enjoyed the time at the University of Worcester. I hope to have the next time visit.” – Fan Fan from Hong Kong

“I will tell my friends and family that my time in Worcester is very interesting. We did lots of activities that I have never tried before. It’s a previous opportunity for me to go to Worcester. It’s a great place for me. I would like to go to Worcester again if I could!” – Alex from Hong Kong

“I love Worcester but I’m not adapt the diet. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the time here I learned a lot of English and new things at the University of Worcester.” – Rachel from Hong Kong

“I enjoy this camp. This camp makes me more relaxed expand my horizon, open my brain a little.” – Steve from Hong Kong

“I’ve do a lot of fun things (like sports day, shopping…) And the teachers are very nice. But all I want to say I LOVE YOU GUYS! – student from Macau

“I have a great time in Worcester” – Ryan from Macau

“It’s awesome, it’s fun, want to come gain” – Student form Macau

“Worcester is beautiful. Air is good. People are nice” – Student

“Everything is awesome” – Gavin from Macau

“Everything is awesome and good. Yeah!!!!” – Kevin from Macau

“I will say that it was really fun and I loved it and that is the truth.” – Student from Macau

“Is very good and funny, interesting, amazing, something is terrible but is still very good, we have a very good time.” – Gordon from Macau

“It was awesome and cold, but I met new friends and also more culture of Worcester. It was fun!” – Student from Macau

“Nothing to improved, very good” – Mario from Macau

“The day when I went to Strafford is my favourite day. I learnt lots of culture about Shakespeare” – Joy from Guangzhou

“I go to a summer class. It’s so enjoy because it so exciting” – Dicky from Hong Kong

“This summer camp is very fun. I like it. Fun game, fun sports. In Worcester, I met a lot of friends and teachers, there are fun, a lot of sport and games to play.” – Student from Macau

“My favourite activity was football, rounders,cricket and swimming. You can learn how to work with each other. I really like this camp” – Ocean from Macau

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